Game 1 Fury of Stars

Fury of Stars Development Logs

Update Number 3

The Steam page for Fury of Stars has been created, and the domain purchased. This site has the main pages created, but is sorely lacking in content. 

I also spent most of the week working to learn Blender, and I am getting close to the point where I can make test assets for development.

Rough starship, perforated by a beam weapon.

This is more than good enough for the game, but now I am considering refining things to the point where I can create my own cinematic trailer. Probably not worth the extra work that would require a lot of time. 

Tweaked purple beam version.

I will be concentrating on creating textures and ship models for the next week. Once I have those, I will start prototyping parts of the game, with a goal to start development of the actual game in six months or so. I will also be spending some time working on content... content for the game, for this site, and for the Steam page. 


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