Game 1 Fury of Stars

Fury of Stars Development Logs

Update Number 2

I settled on "Fury of Stars" for the title.

My working title for the last thirteen years was "Hardspace", but someone else released a game using it. Another name I considered, "Cemetery of Stars" was visceral enough, but does not evoke the 4X and empire building aspects clearly. All things are compromises, but Fury of Stars has not used for any existing games (video or board), and appears not to be used as the title of a work of fiction (book or movie). As well, the domain is available in all flavours.

I will register this week, and will get it pointed to this website. I will also need to order a Steam page, and look into setting up some social media accounts. 

For a development update, I recently purchased a couple of Unity packages from the big "Spring Sale", including a system for reliable Load/Save functionality and a framework to jump start my development using hexagonal grids. No sense spending a month to reinvent the wheel, and both packages were very affordable at under $50 each.

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