Populated Planet Generation 0.01

This generator creates a random popuation, then simulates enrollment and processing of applicatants through
the Naval Academy to determine the amount of crew and officers available each year. Crew and officers are
required to operate naval vessels, with a yearly maintenence amount to cover deaths, transfers, and retirement
among a crew. When understaffed, various maluses will be applied to performance of the ship, so having a
large supply of trained crew and officers will be important for empires with larger fleets (or larger ships).


Total Population: 3,829,148,871

Naval Academy: 765,829
Naval Academy Graduates: 459,497
Crew: 441,117
Officer School:
      Enrolled: 18,379
      command: 330
      pilot: 1194
      astrogator: 771
      avionics: 1084
      gunnery: 3694
      medical: 753
      engineer: 1360
      electronics: 1654
      marine: 1543
      steward: 2396
      discharged: 3600 (transferred, discharged, or deceased)


Total Population: 782,275,049

Naval Academy: 156,455
Naval Academy Graduates: 93,873
Crew: 90,118
Officer School:
      Enrolled: 3,754
      command: 67
      pilot: 244
      astrogator: 157
      avionics: 221
      gunnery: 754
      medical: 153
      engineer: 277
      electronics: 337
      marine: 315
      steward: 489
      discharged: 740 (transferred, discharged, or deceased)


Population: 161155691
no naval academy


Population: 81869
no naval academy